Radical Ritual

Josh: We started planning our wedding(s) in May but made sure to have some more fun that year too. We went to Burning Man together—Estelle’s first. We got last-minute tickets during the OMG sale, did OMG preparation, then had an OMG experience.

Burning Man’s 2017 art theme was Radical Ritual. For seven consecutive days Estelle and I performed a ritual that we called The Whine House. It was a pop-up wine bar with a twist - you had to whine before you got any wine. Like the wine, the whines changed every night—we heard stories about animal bites, obnoxious in-laws and broken hearts. The more gut-wrenching the whine, the longer the pour. We also had cheese and crackers.

Our camp was Juicy Rootz. They were all lovely, especially James and Alli, who shone bright like diamonds.