From playa to Paris

Josh: I got back from Thailand with three days to prepare for Burning Man, a yearly celebration that takes place in the high Nevada desert (also known as ‘the playa’). I was thinking a lot about Estelle. I knew I wanted to see her again but I didn’t have a plan.

One morning I stumbled upon a camp called Café Surprise, fine operators of the Boulangerie de Black Rock. I took it as a sign - the next boulangerie I would eat at would have to be in Paris with Estelle. I found a camp with (very limited) Internet access and booked a one-way trip to France. I sent a short message to Estelle to let her know. Then I had to sign off, without knowing her reaction.

When cell phone service was restored on the ride home from Burning Man, I called Estelle at the first chance. I hadn’t spoken to her since Thailand. It was wonderful to hear her voice again, and thankfully she approved of my spontaneous airline itinerary.